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We are the leading online platform for entrepreneurship education, training, mentoring, coaching, and consultancy.

Entemy Entrepreneurship Academy

The Entemy Entrepreneurship Academy is established at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic to offer alternative methods of entrepreneurship education, knowledge and skills, training, mentoring, coaching and consultations through the online and offline face to face interaction.

The Academy engages in talent selection and recruiting of lecturers, trainers, mentors, business coaches and consultants, digital marketing and IT professionals to offer quality entrepreneurship education, skills training, mentoring, coaching and consultancy.

The Academy maintains quality IT infrastructure management and maintenance, operating servers, websites, databases, platforms, apps and data collection and analysis to enjoy and maintain close relationship with its customers.

Our Value Proposition

The Academy strives to provide upgrade lectures, best business practices and solutions, comprehensive training contents, effective coaching, process and reliable consultancy to motivate, guide, support aspiring entrepreneurs in enjoying smooth business startups and existing entrepreneurs in achieving business upscaling and sustainable growth.

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    Key Person

    Huang Soon Fook


    Adjunct Prof Huang Soon Fook completed his accountancy studies in Tunku Abdul Rahman University of Management & Technology and professional marketing in Chartered Institute in Marketing (UK), MBA in University of Hull (England) and PhD in Entrepreneurship in Binary University (pending graduation).

    Prof Huang lectures in Entrepreneurship and Marketing in several universities in Malaysia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, India and Uzbekistan.

    He has worked as an auditor, accountant, general manager and dean. Currently, he lectures and engages in business consultancy, international trading and digital marketing.

    Lee Teck Meng

    Chief of Sales & Marketing Courses

    Lee Teck Meng holds a Master in
    Business Administration
    from Senior International University, Canada, which he obtained in 2001. He also holds an Advanced Diploma, Chartered Institute of Marketing, United Kingdom, and Advanced Diploma of
    Business and Management Studies from Institute of Swansea, University of Welsh, United Kingdom, which he obtained in 1991 and 1993 respectively.

    Mr. Lee has over thirty (30) years business experience in biodegradable household detergent product and bio insect control product which he has created a household brand “KLEENSO & PESSO” since 2003. He also holds directorship in a few private limited companies.

    Tom Wong

    Mastermind of Corporate Finance Courses

    Tom is a finance expert, investor and entrepreneur. He has been in the finance and accounting industry for the last 25 years providing professional services and advice to more than 10,000 companies. He invests in diverse industries and countries.

    He is a member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants and a Chartered Financial Planner with the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia. At the same time, he is also the CEO of one of the largest accounting firms in Malaysia and an Independent Director of a listed IT company in Malaysia.

    Our series of programmes:

    • Short courses
      (3 hours)
    • Monthly short courses
      (1.5 hours x 4 weeks = 6 hours)
    • Quarterly short courses
      (1.5 hours x 4 weeks x 3 months = 18 hours)
    • Residential courses
    • Monthly Business Networking
      (Meet Captains of Industries)
    • Monthly Malaysian-ASEAN Business Forum
    • Business Incubation
      (6-12 months)